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Solar Heat Pump Pool Heaters

pool heat pump

Pool heaters

that run on solar energy

Solar Heat Pump Pool Heaters

The Solar Heat Pump Pool Heaters

The Solar Heat Pump Pool Heaters are the perfect option for someone that knows the cost of operating a pool.                                                                                   With minimal effort and a healthy amount of automation, this piece of technology can save you and your family  a generous ammount.

In short, if you are going to spend money on a product you’re going to want it to last; especially if it costs thousands of euros like a solar panel install or a pool heater. When selecting solar panels, be sure to ask about the efficiency rating. As a rule of thumb, anything over 18% is considered good, while anything over 20% is considered excellent. Solar panels should last for at least 25 years. This is usually enough time for their cost savings to justify the cost of the panels and install. Pool heaters follow the same principles, they should be cost effective, serve your goals and be useful. Our pool heaters have been designed with these three principles in mind. They have the lowest operating costs and highest output compared to any other heaters on the market.

pool heater
solar energy powered heat pump

Cost-Effective Pool Heating Solution: Save on energy costs by harnessing the power of the sun to heat your pool. No inverter required

Smart functions: enjoy convenient device management that allows you to fully control and optimize the temperature

Increase Property Value: investing in a solar pool heater not only enhances your pool’s enjoyment but also adds value to your property

Eco-friendly: Contribute to a greener future by reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainable energy sources

Pool heaters that run on solar energy

Solar powered pool heaters do not need batteries or the power grid. Just connect the solar panels. This will work perfectly with a DC pump, allowing it to start automatically when the sun rises . They heat or cool the water and turn off in the evening. The heat load remains in the pool. Depending on the temperature and whether the pool has a cover or not, it loses some temperature at night, which recovers again the next day.

If you have a pool heater that can heat the pool all year round for free, this is a huge cost save and extends the time you can use the pool. If you choose, you can also use it in combination with the power grid, but that’s optional. The WIFI feature allows for full control, daily and weekly timers, a full overview of AC and DC consumption and a history of all energy consumption.

solar powered pool heater

Pool Heater

  • Specially built DC hybrid solar powered pool heater, which is built from the ground up for 100% DC – no inverter.
  • They can be set to work independently of the AC network (Off Grid), switching on when there is enough solar energy and off when there is no longer enough solar energy. Installation does not require a connection to the network, nor does it need a utility company permit.
  • Plug and play solar panels are connected directly to the MC4 solar panel terminals. Uses environmentally friendly
    refrigerant R32, which helps save the planet.
  • Brushless DC motor ensures extremely quiet operation.
  • Able to limit the power grid usage, minimizing the energy cost on cloudy days

everything in one place

All of our units come with a WIFI feature that allows for full control:

  • Daily and Weekly timers
  • Full overview of AC/DC consumption 
  • History of all energy consumed
  • Indoor unit controls