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With our NOQQ Solar Hybrid Heat Pumps, designed for both heating and cooling, you can choose from three different power levels: 3.5 kW, 5.0 kW, and 7.0 kW. These intelligent devices operate on solar energy during the day, automatically switching to grid power at night. By utilizing solar energy from PV modules during the day, these air conditioners are smartly designed to make the most of renewable power. Even when the sun sets, there's no need to worry, as our highly efficient heat pumps continue to function incredibly effectively. In addition to providing efficient cooling, these devices also excel in heating, operating effectively even in very low temperatures.

pool heater

Solar Hybrid Pool Heaters

Our innovative Solar Hybrid Pool Heaters do not require batteries or connection to the power grid. Simply connect the solar panels, and the device will either heat or even cool the water. The pool heater significantly extends the time you can enjoy your pool. When used with grid power, it can warm the pool also during colder times. The built-in WIFI feature allows convenient control of all settings, even from your mobile device. Make use of the Solar Hybrid Pool Heater to adjust the pool temperature as desired and enjoy swimming whenever you please.

Most common new SEER 14 heat pump compared to our SEER 35 units

Most common new SEER 14 System
Our SEER 35 System

Our systems are over 70% more energy efficient than the most common SEER 14 units sold on the market today.


NOQQ specializes in solar energy


NOQQ is focused on solar energy, and our team has years of experience in this field. Solar energy has been our passion for a long time, and we aim to find the best ways to efficiently utilize it in our daily lives.

Our created devices operate on solar energy and do not require the conventional grid connection, connection fees, or approvals for installation. However, if you choose to use our hybrid solution and connect the device to the electric grid, our innovative inverter system directs the solar-generated electricity directly to the heat pump, not to the grid. Therefore, even with the hybrid solution, there is no need for conventional approvals or connection fees.

everything in one place

All of our units come with a WIFI feature that allows for full control:

  • Daily and Weekly timers
  • Full overview of AC/DC consumption 
  • History of all energy consumed
  • Indoor unit controls