NOQQ Energy

We are an energy solutions provider supplying: NOQQ AC/DC Hybrid Solar Powered Air Conditioners

Our vision is to protect the environment by producing and designing products that use solar energy and to provide society with a sustainable quality of life. We introduce a variety
innovative solar energy saving products that are cost effective, clean and
environmentally friendly. We create what you need!
Solar air conditioners and other solar energy products are clean
in the form of saving money and nature!


Our NOQQ AC/DC units are available in two main sizes: 5.0 and 7.0 kw. These devices run on solar energy during the day and automatically switch to grid power at night. They are ideal for residences, schools or offices, where most of the demand is during the day. The devices also help to save on heating and work efficiently even at -22c. 

A hybrid solar air conditioner makes maximum use of solar energy from the PV modules during the day. Even when the sun doesn’t shine at all (eg at night), our highly efficient heat pumps (SEER 23 without solar and SEER 35 with solar) keep you at a comfortable temperature and save you money by using much less electricity than a conventional air conditioner or heat pump of the same capacity.