NOQQ Energy

 We are an Energy Solution Provider, Supplying Solar System Heating

AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air conditioners

100% Off Grid Air Conditioners

Solar Heat Pump Pool & Water Heaters

Air Conditioners For Homes & Offices

NOQQ Strives to supply the highest quality Solar Air Conditioners to the Worlds markets and constantly strives to improve the conversion efficiency of products, continuously enhance the new technologies and wholeheartedly provide solar products with high quality, high reliability and high cost performance for our customers. Our newest range are absolutely state of the art and allow complete separation from grid or batteries and allow a controlled AC top up if requested.

Choosing a solar powered air conditioner for home or a business shouldn’t be hard. With our teams all over Europe, we help to make it simple for you.

Every client, we provide our expertise so that the final result is one that benefits the customer. We sincerely feel that you will not find a better product, service or price here on the market. Best of all, we speak your language and are ready to attend to your questions with valuable and helpful advice.

With our team of specialists NOQQ aims to make your next solar adventure Easier, More Efficient and Simpler than ever before. No need to worry about inverters and grid power, simply plug it in and enjoy the outcome.

Customer service is also our priority so please feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs and we would be please to provide advice

We also supply Solar Pool Heaters

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